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Custom Daily Production Reporting for E&P

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Entrance Software frequently encounters patterns in the software that we are asked to write. Every case is unique, and we have developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the oil and gas business that allows us to tailor data capture and reporting solutions to each customer.


Our client is an oil and gas exploration and acquisition company focused in the shallow water off the Gulf of Mexico. They use OGSYS and ProCount software packages to monitor and track production revenue from offshore properties.


OGSYS and ProCount both support integration with third-party software, but neither package has the ability to report on third-party data. In addition, the ProCount package lacked certain vital reports our client needed to do business, such as comparisons of daily theoretical production to monthly sales volumes. Creating this report was particularly cumbersome for our client’s analysts. Since there was no integration between OGSYS and Procount, the job required upwards of four hours every day just to print piles of paper, manually compare reports, and re-type data that already existed, but was in the wrong place.


Entrance used web-based, .NET technology to extract data from all the client’s data sources, including OGSYS, ProCount. Native SQL adapters were used to query each database independently, and a “mapping table” was used to match properties, dates, and production volumes between OGSYS and ProCount. The resulting integration of the two databases now enables users to generate, on demand, a report that puts together the pieces of theoretical production with actual monthly sales.

In addition to improved reporting capability, the integration reduced the amount of time required to file information to less than 30 minutes a day. After downloading each report, the analyst can upload the Excel file to an importer that reads, validates, and copies the daily production volumes into ProCount. With Entrance’s help, they are now able to let their computers do the busy work and move on to other tasks that bring value to the company.

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