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Application Integration for Custom Reporting

A Case Study in Integration, Reporting, and Web Portals

Entrance is often asked to upgrade or update existing applications to support more features or better integration. Often, as in this case study, we are able to integrate modern .Net code with older code by interacting directly with the customer’s existing SQL Server database.

The Problem

Our client uses a highly customized piece of software to track work and generate bills to clients. Prior to working with Entrance, the client was required to manually print a summary of every work ticket and send the summarized statement of work to their clients for approval. Once the work was approved, the accounting department then had to manually create an invoice using Excel, print it along with several thousand pages of supporting evidence, and send it to the customer for payment.

The client needed a solution that would allow them to view and approve work performed, and to pay generated invoices online. For customers that did not wish to pay online, management wanted to print statements of work, invoices, and supporting material out of a single, centralized system in order to reduce the amount of manual copying, sorting, and stapling required for each invoice.

The Solution

Entrance updated the existing work tracking system to store scanned work tickets and receipts, along with the keyed representation of that data. Once the work is approved by the client online, or manually by internal employees, complete statements of work and invoices can be printed along with supporting material.

By integrating the work tracking and invoicing system with an attractive customer portal, invoices can be paid online and clients can be given access to review and approve their own work product. A sophisticated security system ensures that clients can see only the work performed for their company, and for their specific division.

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