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There seems to be a general consensus around the oil & gas industry that we need to move from paper to electronic field ticketing in order to improve the accuracy and speed of information from out in the field to the back office for operational efficiency, accounting, safety, project management, client & partner relationships, etc.

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one person in the office mention the idea after somebody entered the wrong information in terrible handwriting or spilled coffee all over a clipboard, but is your company ready to make the leap? Where would you even start on a project like that?

Entrance CEO, Nate Richards, will be speaking at III Forks in downtown Houston where he’ll give real world examples of the ways that other companies in the O&G sector have moved their field techs and back office to electronic ticketing and help you find the answer to some common questions like:

  • Is typing handwritten tickets & reports into Excel enough for us for now?
  • Which off the shelf system is best for us or should we just build one from scratch?
  • What happens when the guys in the field are “off the grid”?
  • What kind of device should we give the field techs?
  • How do we get a project like this approved and off the ground?

Join us for lunch to explore how electronic field ticketing can take your company farther, faster.

About Nate Richards:

Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003 after working as a software applications manager for Spinnaker Exploration prior to its acquisition by Norsk Hydro. Nate and his team provide software development and consulting to upstream companies such as Statoil, Shell, Petrobras USA, Oxy, Murphy Oil, Freeport McMoran, Energy XXI, Castex Energy, Talos Energy, Black Elk Energy and many others. In addition, Entrance serves the technology and business consulting needs of Midstream, Downstream and Services segments of the energy value chain.

About Entrance:

Entrance designs and builds insightful software solutions that unlock the value of information assets. We provide business and software consulting services to the entire energy value chain to connect decision makers with actionable information.The exponential growth of data production in both conventional and unconventional assets necessitates new approaches to how people filter and consume information to make the best decisions. Our intelligent systems engineering approach, oil and gas industry expertise, and ability to execute create value and mitigate risks for our clients.

We believe that information is an oil and gas firm’s largest untapped resource. There is no one size fits all solution, so Entrance always starts projects by examining a specific client’s needs and then utilizing the technology that meets that need best


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