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Office 2013 is now available for business users

Microsoft announced today that new versions of their productivity suite, including SharePoint 2013, are now available for Enterprise level users. They will be available to consumers in Q1 of 2013.  Microsoft says their newest release is meant to work well for  touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard, thus providing “the ultimate productivity experience.”

This new version of SharePoint is based on 2010, but it has a number of platform level improvements and capabilities. Here are just a  few:

  • shredded storage to minimize file sizes
  • single server improvements for faster performance
  • better themes for an improved user experience
  • improved sharing and document permissions
  • addition of request management for streamlined server utilization

For you non-techie people out there, SP 2013 will also be better at SEO optimization, video embedding, and image rendition. I am also excited to see how a new feature that is supposed to improve syncing between an exchange and SharePoint will work. We will post again once more information about is available!

For more thoughts on what the new version of SharePoint will offer users go here.

Or to see the steps that Entrance used to implement SharePoint 2013 in-house, check out our consultant’s post.


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