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Using Technology to Grow Your Business

Growing a business is challenging. What used to work in the ramen days with two people in your garage suddenly doesn’t work anymore as the company grows. Understanding what drives your productivity is the most challenging and rewarding part of being a business owner.

At the start, you’re powered by passion. Your group works all night toward a common goal to get the job done. But you can’t continue to hire employees and hold everything together with passion alone. So you start focusing on your people.

Your people specialize: accounting, sales, marketing, operations, etc. You organize yourselves by making spreadsheets, having meetings and sending emails. But as you grow, your spreadsheets get out of hand, you receive more email than you can track, you don’t have time for any more meetings, yet there are still more demands on your time.

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How do you move ahead and get the information you need to make good decisions even as your hand isn’t in every pie? You’ve outgrown people as a driver and need to become process driven.

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What does becoming process oriented look like? For most companies, this means enabling business collaboration with a tool like SharePoint, so that mindshare, best practices and documents can all be centralized in one place, instead of hidden in email boxes and disorganized shared drives. Focusing on process also often involves improved business intelligence that shows you what you need to know by title or area of interest, with drill-down where needed.

Enabling these tools to improve your process may be easy to implement with off the shelf products, but sometimes a more nuanced solution is required. Let Entrance help you evaluate your needs and determine the best solutions on the market. The payoff in productivity and ability to grow the company will be well worth the effort.

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