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Asset Management for E&P

Asset management can improve processes and efficiency

Our client is a Norwegian-owned producer of oil and gas located in Houston, Texas and based out of Oslo, Norway. With more than 80 producing offshore wells, our customer is a mid-sized producer that is poised to grow rapidly.


For several years, our customer has used Excel spreadsheets and a succession of Access databases to track information about producing wells. The data that was tracked in this fashion includes: drilling logs, production numbers, well logs, and the results of production tests. Our client used this information to track and optimize well performance, to forecast sales for accounting and regulatory purposes, and to make marketing determinations.

As our customer grew from a small-to-medium company to one capable of operating many wells over a geographically diverse region, management realized that they needed a way to report gross and net production data, and reconcile these numbers with the figures they received from oil and gas buyers on-shore.


Entrance built on the client’s existing asset management database (AMDB) to create a production reporting system for engineers and management. Then we created reports to reconcile engineers’ forecasts with actual production, and to compute net production from gross volume and well test results. Over time, modules were added to import sales volumes from the accounting department and non-gas liquid data from production. Together, these modules allow management to reconcile internal production numbers with sales volumes.

In addition to pure volumetric data, AMDB tracks miscellaneous information about the geography and operations of our client’s producing assets. Well bore schematics and well logs can be stored online. AMDB encodes the geographic structure of the Gulf Coast, allowing engineers and management to produce adhoc reports based on the standard Area-Block-LeaseWell-Completion nomenclature used in this region. A parallel nomenclature is used to model the FieldProspect-Platform organization that exists in the customer’s operations.

Integration with Excalibur, SAP and OFM allows production engineers to create variance reports comparing reservoir forecasts, production estimate, production theoreticals, reported volumes (OGOR) and sales volumes.

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