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When you need a key piece of software for your business, there are often some questions about whether to buy something off-the-shelf from a software vendor or if it would be better to build a custom software application.

Our software evaluation and selection consultants can help you build a need analysis, business process study, and documentation overview to give you insights as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.

If you’re already planning to buy software from a vendor, the application you want to purchase may have a variety of features, but lack the one or two features critical to your business process. We would help you perform a functionality gap analysis to identify what functions are missing and how to customize the application to meet your needs.

If you’re stuck on which software, whether off the shelf or made custom, will yield the most benefit for your business, we can help. Our software evaluation and selection team have partnered with and helped dozens of companies find the software solutions to help keep their business running smooth and efficiently. Call us today to learn how we our software evaluation and selection services can help your business.

How to Do Structured Software Selection

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