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Looking for a an education software development partner?

Having worked with educators for years, we understand the unique needs of schools and foundations, including:
  • Working to integrate multiple software systems (e.g., SIS, HRIS, Learning Management) so that they all talk to one another
  • Building around a standard data model, such as Ed-Fi
  • TEA reporting/compliance obligations (PEIMS/TEDS/TSDS)
  • Data privacy and security concerns, and accompanying compliance requirements (e.g., FERPA, IDEA, PPRA)
  • The need to aggregate data across schools to give a birds-eye view to administrators
  • The desire to innovate using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques
  • Tracking student data from pre-school through college to get the full picture of student outcomes

Education Software Solutions Development

A successful educational experience is built upon an administration with a strong infrastructure and faculty with adequate resources so they can focus on educating rather than software. At Entrance Consulting, we value our educational experiences and work hard to help others achieve their own educational goals.

Education Data Management and Integration Solutions

The single biggest technology concern for schools, outside of selecting appropriate software systems, is ensuring that the data stored by those systems is secure, private, accurate, and useful.

To achieve this goal, schools must journey along a spectrum of data maturity, beginning at siloed systems that don’t communicate, integrating those systems, creating robust visualizations, and finally implementing advanced analytics and machine learning.

In that journey, it can be helpful to employ a data standard, such as Ed-Fi. A data standard is a language that all systems speak, decreasing the point-to-point integration work that must take place.

Underpinning any integration work should be careful attention to security, protecting PII, and ensuring accurate data by identifying the “single source of truth” for any given data entity.

Custom Education Software Development

Sometimes schools or educational foundations have unusual ways of doing things or unique missions that give rise to uncommon operational needs. These needs often can’t be met using off-the-shelf software. In these cases, we can help institutions craft custom education software tailor-made for the way they do business.

As an example, one of our clients is the largest private provider of scholarships in the state of Texas. To grant scholarships, they have to collect applicants’ information, comb through it, go through a selection process, communicate back and forth with applicants, and track school performance of grantees to ensure they are complying with scholarship requirements.

There is not an off-the-shelf education software product that can do all that. So, they engaged us to help them create something new that fits the mission of their foundation exactly. This custom educational software is now in use and helping to deliver tens of millions in scholarships to Texas student

Which Types of Educational Clients do We Serve?

We love the innovation and choice that public charters provide; We understand their reporting, compliance, and data aggregation needs
Software and data needs are a little different for single-campus schools, but reporting, security, and privacy still need to be addressed

These education enablers are doing great work to empower schools and students; we help them with innovative education software tailored to their mission

Education Software Development FAQ

How Does Entrance Help Education Administrators?

Entrance Consulting offers a suite of services for education administrators, from custom educational software development to application and data management. We understand the challenges of the education system and offer tailor-made solutions designed to facilitate administration activities, promote collaboration and provide connectivity.

What Types of Educational Software Does Entrance Create?

Our custom education software development services take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint technology to create customized portals designed to provide a range of functionality. From document access to application integration, connectivity tools, and enterprise application integration, Entrance has the tools and expertise to develop application solutions to suit a wide range of educational needs.

Does Entrance Create Education Software For Mobile?

Our software development experts are capable of creating fully-integrated mobile, web and desktop applications to suit your educational requirements. Whether it’s to manage administration expenses or managing students, Entrance’s custom education software development services ease the challenges of education administration.

Our clients in the Education sector include:

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