Custom Software Apps & SharePoint Consulting


Custom App Development

Hiring a consultant to develop desktop apps, web apps or mobile apps is commonplace. However, customer satisfaction levels with their custom software development consultants is often low – why is this? Research shows that the inability to deliver on project promises: budget, timeline, risk is a huge contributor to these client-side issues. That’s why we have a proprietary “Agile Plus” custom app development consulting methodology, combining the best aspects of the Agile methodology and the traditional waterfall software development approach. We also develop custom apps for line of business applications where we incorporate the proprietary business processes of our clients into their own intellectual property.



Application Management

The term used by industry analysts such as Gartner to describe the portfolio of services offered on the “build” side of the world is application management services. At Entrance, although we are experts at building custom apps and deploying custom SharePoint solutions, we also recognize that we do not want clients to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to software. As Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications advance with deeper and deeper functionality, many clients question whether they should Buy, Buy and Integrate, Buy and Customize, or Build totally custom software. Once this decision is made, we examine the overall application ecosystem and look at how to eliminate manual connections of data from one system to the next. For this reason, data integration consulting starts to be important so that applications can share data across different silos of the business.



Office 365 + SharePoint Consulting

Customized SharePoint services allow our clients to deliver actual business solutions using SharePoint (on premises) or Office 365 (in the cloud) as a platform. Many sharepoint consultants only install and configure the baseline sharepoint tool, but our office 365 consulting solutions deliver actual business value because users actually use them! In order to deliver on this promise, we start with sharepoint planning and Office 365 roadmap development so that we have a step by step plan to deliver what the business actually needs. Microsoft SharePoint, as a platform, is essentially a portal and collaboration tool. Inside this tool you can implement document management capabilities as well as forms and workflow solutions. 


Big Data Analytics

Inside of every successful software solution is good data. As a result, big data management consulting is a “big” part of how we deliver value at Entrance. As systems have grown over time, so has the data contained inside them, and so we now offer big data analytics consulting services to our clients to help them make sense of this mass of data. “Self service analytics” is a big buzzword in today’s big data world, and although many COTS analytics vendors would have you believe that end users can just “download the tool and start visualizing content,” we know that most users really struggle to deliver operational reporting in this fully do-it-yourself environment. 


Tools to Get the Job Done

We believe in quality of hours over quantity of hours, and know that relevant tools produce great results. Our consultants always have the best tools available, so that our clients benefit from the productivity multiplier and our engineers are never doing tasks that can be made easier. Putting the latest and best development tools into the hands of certified professionals puts us leaps and bounds ahead of other companies who work with unqualified people or outdated tools.


Microsoft .NET Framework Technologies

Microsoft Azure Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server Technologies


Microsoft Web Environments and Desktop Applications

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Azure Cloud Computing















Building Software to Real Requirements

We focus on user stories as the primary method for understanding the business value behind a new custom software project.

A Common Understanding

On our end, we use this requirement and acceptance criteria as the basis for development and testing.

Testing to Requirements

As code is reviewed, we work in teams of two, with one person writing code, and one person performing quality assurance.

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