We build & customize construction software to help manage your projects, personnel, and partnerships.


If you work at construction services company, the collective brainpower of your organization is probably off the charts. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should develop construction software in-house. Creating a streamlined application that is easy to use and scalable will save you trouble, time, and headache in the long-run, and requires a skill set that you can typically only find in a team of software engineers.

We’ve built the in-house skill set needed to design, develop and modernize applications built for construction  services firms. In fact, we specialize in construction software development, and have solved a wide range of complex engineering problems, including:

  • thermo-dynamic algorithm applications
  • geophysical data management
  • calculating optical throughput losses
  • pipeline failure analysis

We encapsulate your company’s proprietary algorithms, and turn them into a competitive advantage by putting that protected logic into customer portals, reporting systems, and more.

Let your engineers, project managers, and architects do what they do best. We can capture and use knowledge to create a productivity multiplier that will have your engineers working on new problems that haven’t yet been solved, while solutions for previous issues become automated.

Enginnering and Construction Software Solutions

The construction business gets a bad rap for being slow to adopt new technologies, and many software tools out on the market don’t meet your firm’s exact needs. We can help you transform into a digital firm with built-to-order or customized field data capture, contract management, and equipment tracking software tools that utilize all the best features of mobile apps, RFID, desktop construction software, and web portal technologies. 

Getting your field personnel, project managers, clients, and subcontractors on the same digital tools can help your projects run smoothly, and create a huge advantage for you against your biggest competitors.

Between all the architectural plans, schematics, reports, specifications, contracts, manuals, safety & testing standards, and other documents, the construction business has no shortage of content. Most of these documents pass through multiple hands before reaching their final destination. Can your project managers stay productive when they’re out on job sites, or do they have to bring all that paperwork back to the trailer or at the office first? 

We can help you implement and customize both cloud and on-prem productivity tools like Office 365, SharePoint, K2, NINTEX, and KnowledgeLake for digitalization, organization, storage, collaboration, and business process workflows so nothing falls through the cracks.

Collecting, managing, and analyzing data are integral to the success of your construction business. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of data you have to process, you need a customized tool to streamline decision-making.

We can help design a robust data management and analytics solution to help your company outdo the competition. The new app can help with predictive analytics that doesn’t just allow your business to stay competitive but give it sufficient leverage to steal market share.

Even if you aren’t ready for the new solution, you are probably juggling a variety of apps to stay afloat. This usually keeps your employees from focusing on revenue-generating tasks. Meanwhile, business operations slow down and errors occur.

Instead of spending extra time trying to ensure the smooth operation of all your business apps, you can outsource the process to professionals. By delegating this responsibility, you are improving business operation efficiency, boosting employee satisfaction, and allowing your internal IT team to focus on key tasks.


At Entrance, we develop customized construction software with a variety of features for better project planning, cost estimation, monitoring, time tracking, and much more. We work closely with your team to create a comprehensive and effective solution that drives your construction business forward.

Here is how we develop custom construction software for your needs:

Business analytics

Our team begins its work by conducting an in-depth analysis of your business requirements. Even if you’ve done this in advance, the development team still needs to work closely with your experts to outline needs, expectations, functions, and the most suitable technologies. At this stage, we can choose the right development tools and the most effective methodology.

Product development

By using a combination of meticulous expertise, experience, ALM tools, and hard work, our development team creates a product that can deliver real value to your business. Our goal is to make sure that the solution we present has a positive effect on your construction company’s bottom line. We design, code, test, and deploy your software in the most effective way possible.

Extensive support and maintenance

once you start taking advantage of your construction software, our experts stay by your side. We keep checking for loopholes, bugs, and other possible problems. Timely updates can ensure the top quality of your software for its entire lifespan. If something ever goes wrong, we are standing by to help.

At Entrance, the construction software development process depends on the client’s needs, requirements, and time constraints. We make adjustments and seek opportunities for improvement.

Our developers work closely with your team to ensure satisfaction. Our approach makes it possible to make changes along the way while creating a flexible solution to meet your company’s growing needs.


By partnering with Entrance, you are ensuring the highest quality of your construction software. Here is what makes us different from other construction software development companies.

  • Cost-effective options – since many construction companies worry about the high costs of custom software development, we are choosing the best options for our clients without hurting their budgets. Entrance follows a strict pricing policy, which is both competitive and fair to each client. We are always ready to offer the most cost-effective solution for your needs.
  • Comprehensive experience – with Entrance, you get the full range of construction software development services. We don’t just build apps from scratch. Our development teams ensure their success throughout the entire lifecycle. We build flexible software that can grow or scale together with your company.
  • Excellent reviews – over the past two decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, all of which are 100% satisfied with our solutions. Our developers work hard to maintain a stellar reputation by taking a detailed customized approach to each project.
  • Top software development methodologies – in the technological world that changes faster than you can say “Agile”, we stay up to date with the latest development processes, methodologies, and trends. This helps us design highly innovative solutions for the construction industry.
  • Variety – we study the construction industry to stay on top of all types of related software, including business process management apps, equipment managing software, scheduling solutions, and much more. If you have an idea for your construction industry software project, we can bring it to life.

Entrance is one of the leading construction software development companies in Houston and beyond.
If you want the perfect combination of quality, experience, expertise, and dedication, we are here to help.

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