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Having a robust and secure document management system in place is essential for any company to control the flow of information. The right tool allows you to manage and track documentation easily and efficiently, without loss of data.

Entrance Consulting has the expertise to help you select and implement the best document management system to suit your organizational requirements. Our solutions will help your business meet its organizational goals by providing secure access to your documentation, reports and analytics when you need it.

Both types of apps can expose functionality in the host web by making client web parts available and by adding custom actions to the ribbon and the context menu of lists and libraries.

For a full breakdown of SharePoint application development, check out this write up on the Office Dev Center.

Document Management System Benefits

While paper is still widely used in most business environments, the majority of documentation used within a company exists in electronic form. A good document management system (DMS) will index, archive and act as a central repository for all generated informational content.

Systems such as Microsoft SharePoint offer an unparalleled level of control over your information workflow and bring a number of benefits to a company. These include:

Centralized organization. The larger the organization, the greater the need for centralized organization of documentation. Being able to properly categorize and index documents gives the user fast access to what they are looking for.

Searchable index. The ability to use a single search engine to locate a document is a huge plus for a company with a large number of pages to sift through.

Accessible from anywhere. Due to its centralized nature, a document management system allows you to access necessary documentation from anywhere, helping to foster collaboration among team members and providing necessary access for remote workers.

Version control. Many documents go through revisions, and a robust DMS will allow full version control so you can quickly know that you’re seeing the latest iteration.

Less Physical Storage. Without the need to store physical pages, you’ll save organizational space normally reserved for keeping documents on premises.

Entrance’s Document Management Solutions

No matter the size or industry affiliation of your business, your company can benefit from a document management solution such as SharePoint from Entrance Consulting. We’ll help you find the right tool for your needs so that you can have a robust document platform in place to help support you as you grow.

Contact us to learn how our document management solutions can be put to work for you.

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