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What kind of shape is your data in?

Check out the Entrance Educational Data Maturity Model to see where you stand.

All of your systems talking to each other. All of your data when you need it. Everything secure. Everything compliant.

It’s a dream, sure, but something we should be working for. 

We developed the Entrance Educational Data Maturity Model to help Texas Charter Schools quickly assess where they are on their data journey.

When schools start out, they often have several systems (does Excel count?), and those systems don’t talk to each other.

As that school matures, it makes sense to begin integrating educational software, saving people time and reducing data entry errors.

A data warehouse is typically established to serve as a single source of truth for reporting. This also allows for sensible data-rollup for administrators.

Once you have a data warehouse built out, you can layer on rich interactive data visualizations, moving report generation power into the hands of people not part of the IT department. You can also implement advanced analytics and machine learning to aid in decision making and surface valuable insights.

Every data effort should be undertaken with security, privacy, and compliance in mind. We have a legal and moral obligation to secure the sensitive data of our students, minimize the risk of a data breach, and minimize the impact that a data breach would have. We do this by encrypting data, being smart about who is granted access to it, implementing robust network security, and separating data to make it harder to identify individual students.

Check out the maturity model below. If you would like to start a conversation around strategies for increasing the usefulness and security of the data in your charter, fill out the contact form on the right side of the page, and one of our education data specialists will get back to you right away.

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