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Entrance Software Consulting has been providing Houston with innovative software development solutions since 2003. Our expertise in the oil & gas, healthcare, education, engineering and construction, and manufacturing industries means you don’t need to train our consultants.

After an in-depth consultation to get to the core of your specific criteria, our top-tier, 100% local software engineers and specialists will find a way to improve your processes.

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Custom Software Development in Houston

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the economy of Houston is no exception to this rule. Oil & gas, aerospace, manufacturing, and the energy sector are all booming economies. Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the entire world, so the medical field has a robust presence in the Houston area.

Our inventive, creative engineers can design, develop, and modernize your software systems allowing you to focus on what you do best. Custom management software will improve your system flow and data integration. Our engineers love a challenge. Let us improve your business process and provide software development solutions.

Entrance Consulting: Houston Software Development Company

Everyone at Entrance Consulting and Software Development company aims to offer creative, inventive tech and software alternatives. To do this, our first-rate engineers will develop custom applications, employing Office 365 and Sharepoint, review and provide data management and analytic solutions, and provide application management systems.

  • Oil & Gas: Houston is known as the energy capital of the world. Almost one-third of the United States oil & gas jobs are employed in Houston. At Entrance, we have worked with dozens of oil & gas clients. We have experience in upstream, midstream, and downstream solutions and can help create your real data management strategy.
  • Healthcare: Integrated solutions are required for this vital industry. We specialize in medical software development and have created complex software for charge capture applications, billing data management, and electronic medical records systems. Your expertise is to deliver care. Ours is to offer software and IT solutions that allow you to focus your attention on inventive care solutions.
  • Manufacturing: An efficient real-time management software solution is critical to the development, performance, and viability of your manufacturing business. While there are cookie-cutter software options available, they often do not address the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. Our team will develop a custom manufacturing software solution that will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Engineering & Construction: Your team is likely made up of smarty-pants types, just like our team. The thing with engineers is their deep knowledge is often in a specific area but may be elemental in others. Honor your engineers, project managers, and architects by letting them focus on their area of expertise and let us help you with engineering & construction software development solutions. We have solved many difficult engineering issues such as thermo-dynamic algorithm applications, geophysical data management, and pipeline failure analysis. 
  • Education: Privacy is one of the major concerns in Education. We can offer our assistance as consultants ensuring your software systems are integrated and employ a data standard. For a unique operational issue, we can custom develop a system to fulfill your educational requirements.
  • Non-Profit: We are committed to helping our clients but when our software solutions can serve the Houston community as a whole, this drives us even harder. We are pleased to have assisted NFP clients in maximizing their system performance.  We can optimize your donor data management and improve visioning metric data workflow.

Schedule a consultation with our Houston software development team to learn how Entrance can help you achieve the target on your project.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team to Learn How Entrance Can Help On Your Project

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