SharePoint is the swiss army knife of platforms and Entrance is your one stop shop for all your SharePoint Services and SharePoint Consulting needs. Our battle tested SharePoint Consulting team has experience implementing SharePoint Services from the ground up, performing health checks to resolve issues with current services, working with your technology team to implement governance and support strategies, migrating your current solution to a new version of SharePoint and helping teams get more out of their SharePoint investment through increased user adoption and build out of new functionality. 

We still occasionally run into organizations that have not implemented SharePoint on any level. Here at Entrance, our SharePoint Consulting Services team loves to do a green field implementation. It is such a big opportunity to help an organization take their teams to the next level with a collaborative tool that is easy to use. It’s is a pleasure when we get to help a business to do it right the first time. Rolling out a successful SharePoint solution isn’t as easy as standing up VMs, installing SharePoint and blasting an email to your teams telling them it’s ready! We help organizations do the proper planning, governance, marketing, strategy and training necessary to make a real impact on your organizational effectiveness. We want to ensure that the team rolling SharePoint out has a great story to tell when the roll out is complete.

Often though, our consultants are helping organizations who already have the tool and are looking at a Sharepoint Migration to move to a new version, a SharePoint Health Check because they are experiencing problems or they are looking to increase their return on investment through Sharepoint customizations, rolling out additional services such as Office 365 consultingSharePoint app development or through governance and user training. Unlike many fly by night SharePoint consulting companies, Entrance has decades of experience in taking your SharePoint solution to the next level with our custom SharePoint templates, Add-ins and processes.

SharePoint Consulting:

We believe that a rich work life involves a minimal amount of fear, frustration, and repetition. Following our company’s mission of ‘Enriching People’s Lives Through Great Software’, we work hard to empower our clients through facilitating a working environment of ease. We enable our clients with:

SharePoint Collaboration Solutions including Intranets and Extranets

Our SharePoint Consulting Services team at Entrance has helped dozens of clients build portals where information can be accessed and easy collaboration can occur.  Whether you are looking to increase ad hoc collaboration, to disseminate news from the corporate headquarters to employees near and far, or to work securely with clients and vendors, we can help you create spaces that are tailored to your needs. We offer a variety of consulting services such as:

  • Employee Intranets/Extranets
  • B2B Portals
  • Team sites

Benefits include:

  • Easy yet secure collaboration with anyone
  • Capture collaboration outside of email in a way that saves and categorizes your intellectual property for future team members to utilize and benefit from
  • Searchable team collaboration
  • Quick access to desired information on any device
  • Reduction of email noise
  • Increased employee retention

SharePoint Enterprise Content Management, Records Management & Document Control Solutions

No matter which technology your business uses, a systematic way of controlling your critical content is necessary or things can quickly run amuck. Our process for records management planning will align stakeholders and account for retention policies, and regulatory compliance. eDiscovery uses existing data in your current systems and allow you to surface relevant content in a single location. Our document management services include:

  • Information Architecture i.e. Taxonomy and Metadata Design and Implementation
  • Enterprise Search and Meta Tagging
  • Document Digitization (Document Scanning and Ingestion)

Benefits include:

  • SharePoint is a great ECM or Document Control solution, but it does need configuration. Let our team of SharePoint Consultants help you design, configure and roll out a solution that will make you an IT hero.
  • Stop the growth of file shares and reduce cost of paper storage
  • Increase the ability to find the documents you are looking for
  • Introduce one version of the truth
  • Roll out Google like search to your organization
  • Increase compliance with Document Control policies and guidelines
  • Reduce effort in producing Audit Reports

<h3″>SharePoint Business Process Automation through Forms and Workflows </h3″>

Free yourself and those around you from the burden of mindless, repetitive tasks. By automating routine work, employees can focus on fulfilling, high-value job duties, increasing productivity across the board while not worrying about the small stuff. Our method for eliciting requirements and designing workflows will align stakeholders and identify wasteful steps in existing business processes to keep your business and its processes on track.

If you use SharePoint, we may be able to use its built-in workflow engine to meet your needs with our SharePoint consulting services. If not, we’ve got you covered with proficiency in Visual Studio as well as third party workflow products such as Nintex and K2. Our expert team of SharePoint consultants can help your business with:

Benefits include:

  • Automation of repetitive processes
  • Increased management oversight into team performance
  • Identification and reduction of bottlenecks
  • Elimination of paper forms
  • Unlock your data!! Data captured in an electronic fashion like a database, which allows teams to better analyze, sort/filter and report on processes.
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Map out escalation paths to reduce down time when team members are out sick or on holiday
  • Reduce effort in producing compliance reporting
  • Digital signatures

SharePoint Migration Services

There comes a time in the life of your SharePoint solution that a migration is inevitable. There are more than a few ways to skin this cat and if you haven’t lived through one or heard any horror stories from colleagues, let us warn you these can be complex and should be well planned and tested prior to pulling the trigger on a move. Entrance SharePoint Consulting team has performed dozens of migrations from various versions of SharePoint and even skipping over a version to get to the latest version. We have experience in using multiple migration tool including best of breed and the best in price. Services include:

  • SharePoint migration from 2007 through to 2016
  • Our SharePoint Consultants can audit your current solution and make migration tool/approach recommendations

SharePoint Health Check for performance problems and road mapping for setting your organization’s strategic SharePoint vision

Our relationship with our clients often begins when they notice something that they’re not quite happy with within their SharePoint environment. Maybe it’s slow performance, or maybe things have gotten a little bit out of control with the number of sites and subsequent subsites, security is a concern, users are complaining or perhaps it is the way documents have been stored. Our SharePoint consulting services can help your business figure out how to maintain your ROI, how to increase user adoption, and figure out how to improve your SharePoint environment to promise.

Any journey of improvement starts with understanding where you’re at and where you want to go We offer comprehensive planning and roadmap SharePoint services that help you lay out a straightforward plan to get you where you want to go. Our SharePoint consulting services include:

  • SharePoint Assessment
  • Envision & Plan Roadmaps
  • Health Check

SharePoint Governance & Change Management

The primary cause of intranet rollout failure is not technical execution, but failure to provide organizational change management. We can help you plan and execute governance, strategy, training, and communication that is often the cornerstone of your project. Whiz-bang features and technical wizardry have their place, but repeated experience with our clients proves that the key to success is to work closely with stakeholders and get them excited about any and every project. We strive to make our client’s professional lives easier through:

  • Governance
  • Change Management and End User Training
  • Power User Training
  • Administrator Training

Reports and Analytics

We help our clients capitalize on the technological trend away from disparate, unconnected data sources and towards an integrated pool of data that can be easily drawn from to make better decisions for the business. SharePoint is a unique tool in reporting and analytics because it can serve as a familiar user interface for users to enter data and can bring data in automatically from many different systems and visualize it in useful ways. Our team can help your business with:

  • Self-service Reporting
  • SSRS Integration
  • 3rd Party Dashboards in SharePoint
  • Interactive Visualizations with Microsoft Power BI

No matter the client or project, we engage with our customers in a way that is open,  collaborative, and enjoyable. Our clients say their Entrance projects are Smart + Fun. That’s the Entrance difference.

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