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Entrance is a Software Consulting company optimizing tech stacks, aiding software purchases, and streamlining app integration for bold business goals.

Software is an essential tool that affects each company’s bottom line. The quality of apps has a direct impact on business operations. Many teams don’t have the right tools to achieve top results. At Entrance software consulting company, we strive to help you get all the right apps you need and integrate them seamlessly into your technological environment.

"When we decided to invest in custom software development, we went through many different companies. Entrance software consulting company stood out as a reliable and experienced service provider with a unique approach to clients. They created a positive working environment, collaborated with our team, and came up with a highly efficient product that keeps providing benefits.

A US-based team of developers fits our needs perfectly. We’ve tried working with offshore companies before and weren’t happy with the results. A domestic team of top specialists was exactly what we needed. "

What to Expect from Collaboration with a Top Software Consulting Company

The complexity of software projects often keeps our clients from making the first step toward streamlining their company’s productivity. We know all the worries business owners have about big software development projects. That’s why we aim to minimize the risks.  

At Entrance software consulting company, we always stick to deadlines, keep budget limitations and mind, and provide a comprehensive set of valuable services.

Before developing a new program, our software consultants work hard to study the needs and business goals of each client. The technical solution we provide makes money for your company. Each project we work on has elements of custom development, which allows us to create unique solutions that help clients outrun the competition.

Entrance Software Consulting Company
Entrance Software Consulting Company

Custom Software Development

If you need custom apps for mobile, web, or desktop, we can help you build powerful, efficient, and highly functional software that automates business operations, improves interaction with clients, saves your team time, and puts your organization ahead of the competition. We provide an opportunity to leverage the power of cloud technologies to cut development costs and improve functionality. Find out how we do it!


If you are using tools as Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365, you may not be taking advantage of their entire functionality. In fact, you could be spending time and money while achieving an extremely low ROI.

Our software consulting team has years of experience with Microsoft tools and knows exactly how to make them work for you. Whether you are using Microsoft 365 on the cloud or on-premises, our team can help you streamline operations and cut costs.


Data is the driving force behind your company’s success. Without the right data management and analytics, it’s impossible to exploit data to its fullest. We help our clients store, analyze, and manage data in the most efficient way possible.

Our software consulting experts leverage such analytics platforms as Microsoft Power BI, TIBCO, and Tableau to make sure you have the right tools for achieving your data goals.


Having an IT strategy that fits your IT environment seamlessly is a challenge many companies can’t meet. That’s where our specialists come in. Our software consulting services team can streamline the technical ecosystem and implement cloud solutions on a budget.

Our software consultants can analyze the solutions you use for your business operations and give you actionable advice that drives better performance, improves cost-efficiency, and offers your team a chance to achieve top business objectives faster.

Software Consulting Services for Different Types of Software

In the age of technology, all companies leverage different types of software to improve their business operations. More often than not, juggling this software is complicated. It slows down teamwork and results in excessive costs.

Our software consulting services team focuses on helping you evaluate different types of software. We make effective recommendations that allow you to minimize the tech stack while maximizing results. No matter which type of software your company is working with, we can survey its abilities and explain what needs to be done to tweak them.

Even if you aren’t ready for custom software development, it’s possible to make off-the-shelf programs work for you in the most efficient manner possible.

Software Development Consulting Services for Different Industries

Since different industries have different requirements for software security and functionality, many business owners are searching for dedicated software development specialists. At Entrance, we provide software consulting and development services for a variety of industries, including; oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, professional services, and others.

If your company has to meet certain requirements to stay compliant with industry demands, we consider these needs when providing software consulting and development services. Security is key to developing and managing top software solutions. We make sure it keeps your company compliant.

Whatever industry your business is in, we have a specialist who knows its requirements. Allow our software consulting team to provide the best solution for your needs while ensuring its full compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

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