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SharePoint & Analytics for Global Logistics Firm

The Client

Ceva Logistics is one of the world’s leading logistics firms. They provide supply chain solutions, and specialize in global integrated solutions.

The Problem

As they focused on improving relationships with their top 1-100 customers, they wanted detailed insights into changes at companies that account for over 50% of yearly revenue. These customers are a high priority, but the information about the accounts was maintained separately by each account manager. For years, they used a disparate collection of Excel spreadsheets and/or PowerPoint presentations to communicate with senior management about the status of top accounts.

The decentralization of information on these accounts led to a lack of situational awareness for senior management and caused delays in communication that could be frustrating for the entire company. Account managers spent inordinate amounts of time preparing presentations, and despite that effort, senior management had trouble making sense of all the different reports they receive. They not only looked completely different, they also contained completely different information for each account.

They needed a centralized and standardized reporting system to save time and serve their customers better.

The Solution

Entrance Consulting created a customized SharePoint site that provides a real-time dashboard and a standardized a set of custom reports. These tools empower both account managers and senior management by keeping their finger on the pulse of key accounts. By automatically accessing both external and internal databases, the new SharePoint logistics solution provides on-demand information about the health of an account. Not only does this provide insight on the fly, the time that was once spent pulling together reports and presentations can instead be used to analyze the information to make well-informed and profitable decisions for key customers.

Great People – Great Software

Entrance Consulting offers our clients a tailored, high-value alternative to in-house resources and off-the-shelf products. Entrance’s professional software engineers unleash the power of the SharePoint platform and can embed analytics solutions such as Tableau, Spotfire, and Power BI. We offer both the flexibility and customization capacity of in-house development and the scalability, robustness, and support of a well-made product.


Photo credit: Graham Richardson

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