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SharePoint and Enterprise Content Management: The ROI

This week, several of Entrance’s software consultants are attending P2’s ASCEND user conference to  go live with our “Frac Your Data” campaign for the energy industry. Yesterday I attended one of the sessions called, “The Power of an Enterprise Digital Strategy,” where we learned how taking control of your company’s assets and housing them where they are accessible can be a powerful tool.

When we talk to potential clients about leveraging SharePoint to improve enterprise content management, one big question always comes up: is it worth it? Some companies may have had bad experiences with SharePoint, or maybe they’ve never used it before, and they want to know if the ROI is there. In the slide to the left, the speaker shared one example of how eliminating paper storage saved one company $70,000 per year, not even accounting for boosts in employee efficiency.SharePoint ROI

The average employee spends up to 40% of their day looking for information. Your company’s assets will actually be more valuable then if they are housed in a way that makes sense and is easy to navigate.

A good return on investment for any enterprise content management implementation relies on creating a system that works the way your company does, and then training the people who work there how to get the most from it.

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