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Proven, tailored methodologies for our clients

Entrance uses a proven SharePoint and custom software development methodology to help our clients effectively implement software solutions within their organization. Each of our clients begins with varying levels of project management capability maturity, scope, and requirements. Additionally each client has a unique project, environment, and culture. Entrance’s tailored versions of the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) help us manage both Agile and Waterfall software development projects. We find that being able to execute projects using either approach allows Entrance to be flexible and better able to meet the needs of each client. 

The MSF defines a sequence of five phases that enables Entrance, in collaboration with our clients, to progressively define and refine business and software requirements. These phases are Envision, Plan, Build, Stabilize, and Deploy. Each phase defines a set of deliverables that support the progression of moving from business requirements to functional software. The phases occur in both Waterfall and Agile Development, but the process looks a little different.


With Agile Development the phases of development can be scheduled and executed iteratively. The Agile process enables us to focus on a custom software solution that provides the highest business value functionality in multiple iterations, without the need to plan out every step in advance.

This is great for clients who:

  • Have changing environments and requirements
  • Have time and resources to be involved in iterations and make trade-off decisions surrounding changes in scope
  • Might need some pieces of their solution finished before others


Waterfall Development is good for clients who:

  • Have fixed requirements
  • Don’t have time to be included in iterations during development
  • Have a currently working solution, and can wait on a full final delivery
Check out our series on the difference between Agile and Waterfall custom software development.

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