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K2 Partner Services

We’ve partnered with K2 in order to deliver little to no code business applications to streamline many common and unique business processes by connecting people, data and systems leading to time savings and providing increased visibility and full traceability on every process. Whether it is an expense report authorization, purchase ordering or approval for expenditure, K2 allows your IT team to deliver results to the business fast and with confidence that it will work on whatever device they bring to the office or on the road.

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K2 SmartForms

K2 provides SmartForms that incorporate data from multiple line of business systems and various external sources into a single form that works across multiple applications and devices, online or offline. These forms can even be surfaced in 3rd party applications such as O365, SharePoint, SAP, and Salesforce, basically anything that supports HTML5.

K2 Workflow

K2 workflow, unlike other workflow engines, is not bound by any one application i.e. SharePoint. It stands alone and can reach across otherwise siloed systems with little or no special programming required. It is capable of automating small business unit processes such as a time off request to more complex, cross unit processes such as purchasing. Automating business processes utilizing K2 helps eliminate bottlenecks through real-time data visibility and offering the ability to quickly re-route and escalate from any device even if you’re offline.

K2 App Experience

K2 brings all the pieces together with global task management and customizable dashboards that can be configured for every user’s needs. Tasks and dashboards are searchable, filterable, available in real time and on your mobile device.

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