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If you are ready to streamline your company’s operation and take your rightful place as an industry leader, you need the right tools. Custom enterprise software is an integral part of any business development. It gives your company a significant push forward, saves money, and allows you to conquer new horizons. And allows you to seamlessly implement your company’s best practices in a way that leads to a direct competitive advantage over other companies using the same old tools and methods, with the same old work arounds and compromises;  compromises that affect your customers’ satisfaction, and your own bottom line.

At Entrance, we’ve seen the importance of designing and implementing high-quality custom enterprise software for companies across North America. Our team of experienced consultants provides a full set of development services to partner with your business and help you meet your growth and cost saving goals.

What is custom enterprise software?

Custom enterprise software is software developed from the ground up according to the custom process and goals of an organization. The software is custom-built with your business’ requirements, nice-to-haves, and pain points in mind. As your company grows, the software grows with you, and continues to be tailored to how your team operates.

Beyond that, custom applications can be scaled to a variety of operations to accommodate optimization and integration with the company’s existing technologies. This means no more massaging CSV files, manipulating data in excel to get the information you need, or worrying about whether Jill in Accounting is generating her models with the latest sales figures, because they showed up in her system last night

When partnering with a team like ours, enterprise software consultants develop software on software while maintaining continuous communication with the client team. As business requirements change and more use cases for the tool are discovered, adjustments in design and workflow can be made on the spot.  

Custom enterprise software takes into account your specific business infrastructure, top industry requirements, compliance, and other factors. Unlike off-the-shelf software, proprietary apps don’t have any unnecessary functions or buttons you’re paying for but never use. They are perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, which makes the learning curve lower.

Benefits of Custom Enterprise Software

Custom enterprise software has a significant number of advantages. When compared to off-the-shelf alternatives, the price may seem to be the only downside. However, the ROI of custom app development is much higher than what you get with off-the-shelf programs.

Tailored Solution

Custom software is similar to a custom-tailored suit. When you try on off-the-shelf options, you have to go through about a dozen nos before you find a good fit. And even then, you may still need to visit a tailor and make a few adjustments.  A custom-tailored suit fits you perfectly from the moment you try it on and serves you for many years.

The same works for custom software. When the solution is perfectly tailored to your business needs, you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

One software can address all of your pain points, so you don’t need to buy and integrate several solutions to deal with all the different aspects of your business operations.

High ROI

Some companies avoid custom software development because of the sticker shock. They see cheaper off-the-shelf options and buy them without calculating the ROI or adding in the total cost of recurring maintenance fees, licensing, and hosting costs. In reality, the return on investment of off-the-shelf software is much lower than custom software’s ROI.

With off-the-shelf apps, you encounter all kinds of unexpected expenses, including:

  • Additional software (because one program doesn’t suit all of your needs)
  • Integration issues (some programs don’t work well with existing software systems)
  • End-of-life/Versioning (the developer may decide to stop supporting software, leaving customer data and business data vulnerable or lacking the latest legal requirements)
  • High learning curve (your team may need time to figure out how to use complex apps that have more software features than it needs).
  • Functional gaps (the best off the shelf software still expects you to bend your business processes to how it does things)

Altogether, while the initial cost of off-the-shelf software applications is lower, custom software solutions pay for themselves within a few years and continue contributing to your company’s bottom line for many years.


When you opt for enterprise software development, you can have a robust built-in security system inside the app. 

Meanwhile, hackers have free access to off-the-shelf programs that give them an opportunity to search for loopholes. As soon as they find a way in to one of these systems, criminals will target the widely known (to them) vulnerabilities to steal your data and breach your systems, causing downtime and holding your own data ransom.

When you decide to create custom enterprise software, you make sure nobody besides dedicated employees has access to the source code. This makes your data much less vulnerable to breaches

Lifelong Support

When it comes to applications you can buy in the store, you can’t be sure about the support quality. Some developers offer paid support with long wait times and curt responses due to the high number of users. Others have small support centers viewed as a cost center, which can’t possibly cater to everyone who needs assistance.

Meanwhile, developers tend to change their minds about supporting the program. They could decide to develop another app and stop offering updates and upgrades for the existing one. If this happens, you become vulnerable to every unpatched security flaw from that day forward. If changing business or legal requirements change they way you need to use the app, you’re also out of luck

When it comes to enterprise application development, development teams offer lifelong support for your app. Continuous development, service level agreements, and retainer hours ensure you can plan around having actual developers, not help desk service technicians, available to work with you on your issues or needs. Meanwhile, they are readily available to troubleshoot or fix any arising problems immediately.

Software Integration

If you have several tools you use for your business processes, you may have already faced integration issues with off-the-shelf programs. When software doesn’t work well with each other, you face errors, unnecessary manual actions, and extra expenses.

When you opt for custom enterprise software development, you can build integration options with the current software you are using. Or, alternatively, you can design a software solution that takes care of all your company’s needs. This way, you can get rid of all the additional apps.

Types of enterprise software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A database for all of your customer and business data that integrates with the rest of your software solutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A program that helps you collect data about your customers and manage them according to their position on their buyer’s journey.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Software that can help you use the available data to gain actionable insights into your operational processes and future industry trends.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This system allows you to recruit, interview, and educate your potential and existing employees. It’s a must-have solution for HR departments that want to achieve better results and stay compliant.

Business Process Management

A useful tool for collecting and analyzing data while automating the company’s workflow.

Many more different types of enterprise software exist for your use. When you start working with a reliable enterprise software development team, you can describe your needs and obtain valuable advice about the type of enterprise software you need.

Our Custom Enterprise Software Development Services

At Entrance, you get a full set of enterprise software development options and services, including:

  • Custom mobile app development
  • Custom web application development
  • Portal development
  • Niche industry app development
  • Product development and testing
  • Application modernization
  • Bespoke software development

Our team of experts can provide extensive consultations about your software operations and help you choose the best suitable option for your business.

Our Enterprise Software Development Process

When we start working with a client, we work out a unique development process according to the services they need. Depending on the type of software you require, our experts choose the best development methodology, work out a timeline, and arrange a close collaboration with your team.

The development process at Entrance usually includes several core steps, including:

  • Studying and understanding business requirements for software development
  • Analyzing the company’s requirements to help build a development plan
  • Project design
  • Writing code
  • Developing the new software
  • Implementing the new program
  • Testing the program in the business environment
  • Maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Providing lifelong support for the new app.

What makes our development methods unique is high flexibility. Our development experts are extremely flexible during the entire development process, which makes it easy to make adjustments to the product and achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Why Choose Entrance?

Entrance is on of the leading enterprise software development company on the market. When you choose it as your software development partner, you get:

  • A comprehensive set of development services from design to support.
  • Access to a large team of enterprise application development experts.
  • A unique approach to your company’s needs and requirements
  • Proactive advice about your company’s operations in relation to custom software options.
  • Reasonable pricing and customized project calculations
  • Expertise in oil & gas, healthcare, education, construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

If you want to achieve top results with your new custom enterprise software, you can delegate the development process to our team of experts.

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