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An App Modernization Roadmap for Manufacturing and Energy Firms

Is your organization still relying on legacy systems? If so, you aren’t alone. Two-thirds of businesses agree that legacy systems lack flexibility, due to dated languages and infrastructures. Yet, 74% of modernization efforts fail. Most modernization projects follow a waterfall-type model, incurring 80% of the costs and 20% of the ROI. Meanwhile, the agile model flips those figures on their head. One consistent formula for an app modernization roadmap builds on the agile model, a process of continuous development that aligns with market demand.


First things first: You’ve decided your app needs to be modernized and have determined your needs. You want increased productivity, on-time deliveries, and improved labor rates. One valuable way to get your team to implement continuous modernization is to build If/Then/This statements. Here are two actionable strategies for your manufacturing app modifications:


  • If you have legacy machines that don’t yet align with modern infrastructure and market demands
  • Then your first app modification goal should be to assess the complexity of your current infrastructure, pinpoint inefficiencies, and determine its capacity for modernization.
  • This can be done by identifying redundancies and uncovering possibilities for making real-time changes, a hallmark of continuous modernization.


  • If your company is still mired in desktops/laptops that lock you into software that may or may not be compatible across the enterprise
  • Then it’s time to go completely mobile, using cloud frameworks to facilitate continuous software delivery. This kind of holistic process will give you the ability to utilize data at every level. You reduce the risk of data loss and simultaneously save on on-premise infrastructure costs.
  • This will entail such steps as digitizing your inventory management to enable real-time quality control. For instance, a modernized app can diagnose issues before products move further down the line. Smart tablet modeling that flags issues at every stage lets employees know exactly how the product should look as it moves from one stage to another. This eliminates errors before the next production step begins, resulting in faster completion rates.


Historically, the oil and gas industry has often lagged in its adoption of disruptive technology. The boom and bust cycles that are characteristic of the sector mean that, in a boom, getting the product out of the ground is a priority. App modernization takes second place within this context.

Meanwhile, in a bust, budget limitations arise. Thus, app modernization falls by the wayside in response to reduced capital expenditures. However, modernizing apps may be part of the answer to prolonging the booms and alleviating bust cycle challenges.

  • If your business case shows that both cost reduction and business value are necessary for your app modernization goals
  • Then arguing for a move to a cloud enterprise can be proposed as an answer in both cases
  • This will include modernizing your oil and gas applications by leveraging AI and machine learning to automate the gamut from subsurface applications to SCADA control of remote sites. For instance, rather than having an army of lease operators checking a range of sites on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, the system can pinpoint issues in progress. You can also leverage predictive and analytic algorithms to make environmental assessments and determine the sustainability of new projects. As a result, you move from reactive to preventive mode. This means less human intervention, fewer manual errors, and improved production rates. Studies show that the adoption of disruptive technologies and app modernization increases oil and gas reserves by 5%.

Work With Entrance to Develop an Agile App Modernization Roadmap

The above comprises just several examples of how two key industries can modernize apps more efficiently. Unquestionably, there exist significant benefits to agile app modernization. First and foremost, its feedback-focused nature facilitates increased user satisfaction.

Thus, creating a modernization plan that focuses on microprojects and continuous development is key.

For more information about creating an effective app modernization roadmap for your organization, contact us. At Entrance, we specialize in agile app modernization that aligns with evolving market demand and increases your competitive advantage.

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