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A Case Study in Ticketing Systems Enhancements

Entrance Software launched a custom SharePoint implementation with ticketing systems enhancements for a national network of charter schools serving low-income students and families.

Through innovative teaching techniques, the use of technology, the dedication of its staff and adherence to a set of core values, our client boasts a 90% college enrollment rate.

The Problem

When our client came to us, the list they were using to track work being done was outdated and inundated, and the employee assigned to check on work status was not able to keep up. Individuals assigning work felt separated from the work being done, and others were skipping the process of creating a ticket. Core to their complaints were that status changes were untimely and assigned tickets were not addressed. Their operations team needed automation that would eliminate their middle man and automatically track and alert based on ticket status.

The Solution

Entrance Software worked with our client, and discussed business processes driving the goals for a SharePoint ticketing system.  We then quickly realized that the automated function enhancements in SharePoint were not utilized, leaving business inefficiencies. A work flow process was outlined and implemented to deliver efficiency and provide consistent, proactive communication during work processes.

Entrance automated the ticket creation and assignment process, alerting people who make decisions based on that data. The team could then immediately view and assign new tasks, no matter who originally created them. We also created alerts and tracking for the progress of each assigned ticket, so that our customer now has at-a-glance insight into whether work is newly assigned,  partially complete, or completed. Per the client’s request, any status changes after creation automatically update everyone involved in the ticket, which allows for informed communication and collaboration. Entrance also created dashboard level views of the tracking lists allowing managers to easily view work progress and then drill down into information they are interested in.

The Results

Our client took out their middleman and now has an automated updating system between administrators, users, employees and management. Our implementation has increased insight for management into process status and made following up on flagged project logs easier.  The customer has seen an increase in productivity, because less time goes into tracking ticket status. They have also seen an increase in uptake of the SharePoint technology. Employees are more likely to assign tickets, now that they can easily collaborate on and follow actions being taken.

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