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GPS Tracking for Midstream Services Provider

Valuable assets often go unaccounted for out in the field. With real-time GPS tracking, that’s no longer a concern.


Our client specializes in pipe unloading, pipe handling and pipeline logistics for the midstream oil and gas pipeline industry. Their focus is on providing their customers with visibility into their assets across its entire lifecycle.


For our client, getting shipments to and from the field is one of their biggest challenges. Entrance had already worked with them to create a logistics support tool that allows thousands of joints of pipe to be tracked, with accompanying inventory reporting and a pipeline status history database.

The application also included a very basic level of functionality for GPS tracking, with updates sent back to the system every six to seven hours. Generally this was enough to pinpoint where the inventory was at the end of the day.

But when assets are in-transit, some of our client’s customers were having trouble with part of that inventory getting “lost,” which added up to big losses over time.


Entrance implemented a GPS asset tracking solution that interfaces with the existing logistics support application that can be placed on any truck or barge transporting inventory.

When GPS is activated, our client’s database is updated with satellite data on a user-defined interval for that asset, including whether the vehicle is moving or stopped. If the vehicle stops for a specified time, the designated contact receives an email with Google Map positioning and a Street View picture.

If the driver has just stopped at a gas station, this will be readily apparent. But if they have stopped for some time in a remote location it is easy to determine that the loss of inventory was due to foul play.

It only took one new customer choosing our client over others because of the software in order to justify the cost of the entire project. The GPS information has already reaped rewards from efficiency improvements in locating and reallocating field equipment.

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