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Creating a well master helped one client get control of their data

The Client

Our client is one of the leading producers of Eagle Ford shale in South Texas. They produce 28,000 barrels of oil per day and operate on thousands of leases. They focus on high-return low-risk unconventional drilling opportunities and were looking to streamline their operations across departments for even better returns.

The Problem

The client was getting an inconsistent picture of wells across departments. These inconsistencies were causing them to issue the wrong royalties because the well volumes were being reported incorrectly. They needed a royalty-compliance cleanup.

The client also needed to restrict access to data because people were making unauthorized changes. For example, only the drilling department should change rig release dates and only the land department should change well names. Additionally, a well that is meeting its minimum production goal should never be transitioned back to drilling. Furthermore, the client could obtain the wells associated with each lease from the land department, but still needed to get the drilling schedule from the drilling department. Similarly, managers also needed to access the production system to determine if the wells were reaching their minimum production goals.

The Solution

We provided a consistent view of the well by maintaining a central depository with the master well data. We add data to this depository with SQL Server Integration Services as the well transitions through its life cycle and keep it synchronized with the data in each department. We also created a decision matrix based on data entry into the various systems to track a well’s current status. This matrix allowed us to implement code that determines which information to retain based on logic and business rules.

These data changes are largely transparent to the users since they’re viewing it through the same systems they use every day. This infrastructure allows our client to solve business problems such as ensuring that it’s compliant with lease agreements.

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