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Regulatory Compliance for Pipeline Engineering Services

When regulations are built right into the back end, maintaining regulatory compliance becomes easy.


Our customer is an industry leader in the world of piping. They focus their efforts exclusively on heat tracing, the external application of heat to pipes, tanks and instrumentation.


Complicated factors like pressure, location and conditions, plus the high risk associated with pipeline safety means that regulation is a key priority for midstream service companies. In addition, our client operates both in the United States and overseas.

This adds another layer of difficulty as they are subject to guidelines from regulatory agencies not only in the US, but in other countries too. There are also standards for pipelines based on the location within a work zone, particularly if it is to be placed in a hazardous zone, where risk of explosive compounds or stray sparks is a concern.

The client had long standing software that allowed users to input solution-specific information and obtain detailed electrical and thermal performance information. Although it included some of the information needed to maintain compliance, it was not robust enough for the purpose.


In rewriting the design support software, Entrance worked from the ground up to ensure that all the regulations were accounted for as design parameters. One particular improvement was enhancing the software’s capabilities in managing hazardous zones.

This more rigorous version of the design software helps ensure that all compliance issues are addressed during the design process, blocking solutions that would not comply. This results in less labor for the user, and reduces the time spent verifying that the specific set of compliance issues related to their solution have been resolved.

Could more automated compliance save you time and risk? 

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