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Safety Compliance for Midstream Services

Accurate safety compliance reporting can make or break your business. How do you measure up?



Our client is a leading provider of pipeline services in North America. Their focus is on providing safe and efficient oil and gas transport, from pipeline construction and maintenance to hydrostatic testing.


Our client wins much of their business by maintaining an excellent safety record. The larger oil and gas companies that make up their bread and butter in particular have very stringent safety standards. In order to maintain this business, it was very important to the client to be able document and report what they were doing to maintain these standards.

They sometimes found it difficult to prove they were in compliance, however, as they kept all safety and training records in a file share that was not easily accessible or searchable.

In addition, specific documents could not be tied to a project except by copying them and placing them in a separate folder. This created a mess when trying to show safety efforts in a measurable form.


Entrance created a tailored SharePoint environment that fits the client’s safety compliance needs. Each document is tagged with metadata that makes it find-able upon search and allows it to be associated with specific projects.

This new system also allows them to log safety training that has been completed for each employee on a project. Everything is centrally located and organized, providing easing ad-hoc reporting.

These improvements in organization help our client to feel confident about meeting customer’s safety compliance requirements. It also saves time and allows flexibility in accessing information relevant to the needs of individual projects.

Take safety compliance to the next level! 

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