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Software Selection for Oil & Gas Services

Software selection made easy

Selecting software can be stressful. Let a team of experts help you make the right choice.


Our client is a service company that specializes in a microbial product that promotes safer, cleaner, and more effective performance for the oil and gas industry, and others like food processing and wastewater.


This service company used Peachtree to manage accounting, with a separate journal of accounts for each division. Every month, these accounts had to be manually rolled up into a company-wide ledger, which became a time consuming process as the company grew.

Eventually the client decided to evaluate the options for a new accounting solution. They knew that a lot of good off-the-shelf products existed, so this simplified their search somewhat. The accounting team engaged with one vendor to start with. During the initial meeting, they realized that they couldn’t answer a lot of the questions the vendor was asking. Entrance was brought on to lead them through this process.


After meeting with the first vendor, Entrance’s software consultants asked the client to back up so we could lead them through the software selection process from the beginning.  This gave us the opportunity to fully understand the company and their business needs. After this, we put together a stakeholder team that included the VP of Accounting. This team agreed on a requirements matrix that helped prioritize which features and capabilities mattered the most.

Next, we surveyed the available options, with a particular focus on packages that specialized in oil and gas services. This narrowed the search down to five options. For the initial product demonstration, only the VP of Accounting participated. As we narrowed the options down to two, the entire accounting team also joined in on a demo.

Finally, the team chose Viewpoint because of features like streamlined integration with their payroll software, a good workflow, and easy reporting. In addition, Viewpoint’s user interface and suite of tools was much better than other options.

Throughout the process, Entrance was focused on limiting team involvement when possible. As we move into project managing software implementation, we will continue to use our expertise to save the client time and ensure a smooth transition.

For more on how to get started with the software selection process, check out this page…

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