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Engineering Software Development for Pipeline Services

Work is coming along on the engineering software development project we announced last spring. The re-vamped software is progressing nicely, and our software engineers are feeling good about an initial release sometime towards the end of next year. Our client is excited about the work, as they are anticipating that its improved user experience and capabilities will really set them apart from the competition.

One great feature we are really excited about is that the future release will allow purchasers of pipe to perform multi segment pipe design. Currently they can only design one pipe at a time, which is not the best representation of how pipes operate in reality. This will really represent an improvement in productivity and ease of use.

As our engineers have worked, one thing they have found to be really helpful is the Agile methodology for managing projects. As they dug deeper into the client’s needs for this software, as often happens, it turned out that more time and thought was required than we had initially scoped out to complete the project satisfactorily. Agile has really helped on both ends to give great visibility into what is going on with the project as we move through different iterations to completion.

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