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The Direct Cost of Office 365 Administration

When Forrester Consulting studied the economic impact of O365 for Midsized Customers, they found that, on average, a company with 150 users devoted .75 FTEs to administering their O365 tenant. Using their assumptions about the fully-loaded salary of a qualified IT worker, this translates to $27 per user every month.

Assuming you retained professional Office 365 consulting and migration services, you can expect to maintain your cost within this range, and possibly reduce it further.

The Hidden Cost of Not Administering Office 365 Properly

Ignoring the administrative function of O365 or making it someone’s second (or third) job can be costly. Between lost productivity due to slow response times, slumping usage as your people struggle with lack of support, and the absence

 of tools to automate tedious work, the monthly per user cost to an organization could top $45.

How the Office 365 Managed Services Program Works

Unlike an in-house administrator, you don’t have to supervise us, give us two weeks of vacation, or worry that we’re going to quit on you. When you sign up for Support and Advisory Services, the categories described on the chart below are taken care of for a predictable, fixed cost that you can plan your budget against.

Since we know things come up unexpectedly, all plans come with 5 monthly retainer hours for you to use on anything. These are subject to an SLA, so you’ll know in advance that quick response times are guaranteed.

Office 365 Managed Service Categories

The beauty of O365 as a document management system over a file share is the ability to protect against loss of data. We will ensure that deleted documents or changes to documents are recoverable and restore them whenever you need us to.

One of the most frustrating things we experience when using O365 is searching for a document and not being able to find it. Let us optimize the search experience by intelligently changing rules and results based on feedback your users didn’t even know they were giving.

In order to quickly get new sites spun up while also containing the hectic sprawl that can occur if not monitored, let us handle requests for the creation of new sites and the archiving of inactive ones.

A straightfoward but important bit of administration is getting new users set up in the system by assigning them licenses, then unassigning those licenses when the users are removed to free them up. We will field requests for assigning and unassigning licenses, configure security settings for new users, and provide expert recommendations on how to “right-size” your licensing agreement based on historical usage.

Office 365 encourages collaboration by providing the ability to share with anyone, whether they are inside or outside of your organization. This creates the risk of sharing sensitive information with the wrong people, either mistakenly or maliciously. Entrance will help you control external sharing and audit sensitive libraries to ensure they are not mistakenly shared with the wrong people.

Office 365 is constantly changing. Microsoft continually pushes out changes that can impact your users. Let us keep track of upcoming changes as well as service interruptions and provide the communication templates you need to effortlessly keep your users informed.

Empower your users to manage files in O365 by giving them access to on-demand file migration.

Tagging a bunch of documents is tedious and time consuming. Save your users from this headache by allowing them to request automated bulk tagging.

Office 365 can be customized and integrated with many other products and systems. We can be your single point of contact to triage issues that come up with any of these products or systems. We will fix the issue if we can on our end, or refer you to the responsible company with an explanation of what’s going wrong.

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