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Entrance Mitigates Impact of Godaddy Outage for one client

Anti-hacking at Entrance

When Anonymous took Godaddy’s servers down earlier today, millions of sites went down, including one of our clients’ user portals that gathers information from the field. By 2pm, however, our software consultants had created a work-around, and by 3pm users at one of our favorite clients were up and running again.

We value adaptability, and understand what the impact is of time saved in the energy industry. We only employ the best and brightest, and while that usually is seen through strategic long-term impact of intelligent architecture and connection with business drivers, sometimes a smart solution under a time constraint can really make a difference.

Apparently, many companies are just now starting the process toward recovery, and the outage took down “millions of sites” according to many sources including the Associated Press, TechCrunch, PCWorld and more. While Slashdot exploded with commentary, we had already understood and accounted for the implications for our client.

At Entrance, we believe that high quality software matters, and it’s times like these when there’s a huge bottom-line impact of having mitigating systems in place. For more information about mitigating risk with by utilizing your data as an asset, check out our most recent white paper!


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