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Bad Software Consulting: Offshore Voicemails Part 1

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There are a lot of bad software consulting vendors out there. Let’s face it, lots of people can write code. But the ability to understand your business needs and execute effectively is another story!

If your company is looking for a software consulting company, it’s important to consider a number of factors, such as:

  • Do they know your industry?
    Clients come to us all the time saying about their previous software consultant, “They were OK, but they didn’t understand oil and gas.”
  • Do they understand good UI (user interface)?
    There is software, and then there is software that is easy to use and navigate. Not every developer has the skills to accomplish this.
  • Do they off-shore?
    Off-shoring always sounds cheaper from the get-go, but take into account factors like language barriers, different time zones, and a lack of understanding how an American business is run. All of these together can add up to software that is confusing, over budget, or never completed.

We get calls all the time from off-shore telemarketers asking us to outsource our development work. Whose hands do you want to leave the success of your software project in?

For more, check out our post on the “Top Five Signs of Bad Software.”

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