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Leveraging the Power of Web Portals

For many of the new clients we see coming in these days, one of their top questions is, “Can you build us a web portal?” There are a lot of good reasons why web portals are a big deal. For one thing they can bring any stakeholder, internally or externally, into the loop by making the information they need available online. And offering a portal solution if competitors don’t can be a real brand differentiator.

We put together a few cliff notes  from a presentation on web portals that Entrance’s president,  Nate Richards, recently gave explaining what they are and how they can be used:

What is a Web Portal?

The purpose of a web portal is to provide information from various sources to a number of different audiences. Different people need different information and a portal is designed to supply individuals with relevant information. A web portal is different than a homepage of a web site because the content is not static and the user is able to personalize the information to suit their needs.

Function and Types of Web Portals:


-Web Portals can be designed to include the following functionalities…

  • Search/navigation – helps users find relevant information quickly
  • Content management – allows access to documents and data, with check-in/check-out capabilities and version control
  • Personalization – permits users to bookmark certain information, choose a favorable layout, etc.
  • Notification – provides announcements and alerts
  • Workflow – task management enhances automation of business processes
  • Collaboration – brings people with similar roles/functions together with appropriate information

-Major Types of Web Portals Include…

  • Enterprise (Corporate) – company portals designed to benefit executives, employees, suppliers and business partners
  • Marketspace – support business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce
  • Workspace – provides job/role specific information only

See how a web portal
 enabled one Entrance client to help their customers improve regulatory compliance!

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