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Content Management for E&P

In a growing company, keeping track of burgeoning HR documents can be a hassle. With SharePoint, it doesn’t have to be!

Content Management with SharePoint


Our client is a mid-size E&P company with stakes in many of the largest oilfields in the Gulf of Mexico.


This client is actively growing from a small to mid-size E&P company, and a pain as a result of this was their capabilities for enterprise content management. HR stored documents in a file share that was disorganized and hard to administrate. In addition, the employee portal consisted of a single page that did not impart much in the way of useful information.

Document versioning and security was a key concern for the HR department. In addition, they wanted to be able to easily search for and find things after they had been uploaded.


The client hired Entrance’s SharePoint team to complete a brand new Sharepoint 2010 installation. This solution meets their need for better content management capability, in addition to serving as a robust employee portal.

All HR documents are tagged using meta-data and completely searchable. No folders are needed, which eliminates time consuming searches for the right document, thus making their information more valuable.

SharePoint also seamlessly handles document versioning, sharing, and security. To enable the HR team to use SharePoint and these new capabilities effectively, Entrance performed basic training for the whole team, in addition to power user and site administrator training.

In this way, the HR team feels both more organized and in control of their own information. As they settle into their SharePoint implementation, Entrance will assist them with developing more workflows and notifications that will bring more value to the team.

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