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Software Selection for Employee Data Management

Hiring many employees remotely can result in confusing piles of paper. Get control today with an automated system!


Our client is a leading provider of pipeline, facilities, fabrication, maintenance and integrity services for companies across North America.


A common concern for oil and gas construction is high turn-over and re-hire of employees. Because our client had no automated method for managing employment paperwork, the process was a heavy burden for the HR staff. In addition, because hiring was often occurring at multiple remote offices, verifying that all the appropriate documents had been signed and returned to the corporate office was difficult.

Another important piece of the puzzle was verifying that employees were eligible to work in the United States. Because there was no automated system for doing this, the client ran the risk of illegally hiring an employee, with the associated risk of heavy fines.


Entrance was engaged to create a custom software solution that enables a completely paperless onboarding process. If an employee has worked for the client in the past, basic information is pre-filled in the system. When the forms are completed, they are automatically sent to the HR department so that applicants can be on-boarded very quickly.

In addition, the system is now integrated with Department of Homeland Security’s e-Verify system so that instant verification of employment eligibility can be completed.

As an added benefit, the employee on-boarding system is integrated with the client’s accounting and work ticket management systems. This enables a smooth flow from field to office from the time any new employee joins the company and eliminates re-keying of the same employee information into two additional systems.

As a result of this new system, the client is in better control of their data, and risk of non-compliance because of an illegal hire has been reduced. They also are able to maintain an HR staff of only three for a company of several thousand employees, even as they hire and re-hire many employees every day for their growing company.

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