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Data Management During A Merger for E&P

Data management during a merger can feel overwhelming. With help, it doesn’t have to be.


Our client is a Norwegian producer of oil and gas. As the Norwegian continental shelf has become increasingly mature, they spread across the globe. Currently, the client has offshore and deep water development projects in 22 countries, including Bakken in the US.


Our client purchased a 100 percent stake in another company, which presented an immediate challenge to their IT department. They inherited a fully operational oil and gas company with its own accounting, operating, production, and exploration systems. None of the purchased company’s existing IT infrastructure, which served 35,000 employees worldwide, integrated with our client’s.

Of particular concern was the asset management system, which collected daily production data on every one of the company’s producing wells. Their Intranet site also lacked correct branding.


Entrance helped our client’s IT department to identify and target software applications for integration, re-branding, or conversion to the new network.

The biggest integration project related to the asset management system. With manager’s input, standard reports were created, and the database was modified to record additional required information. In addition, accounting data was imported from SAP to reconcile production estimates with actual sales of oil and gas.

For the Intranet, a major re-branding project ensued to update the look and content of the employee hub. Entrance gathered and filtered the requirements for creating this site, and re-built it based on a corporate template that was customized to fit the business and informational needs of the blended company.

Without professional help, busy managers would have struggled to merge the two IT systems. As it was, the work was finished quickly and done right — the first time.

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