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Enterprise Content Management for E&P Acquisitions

The merger of two companies became a whole lot easier with the help of a SharePoint portal.



Our client is a private upstream oil and gas company focused on exploration and the acquisition/exploitation of oil and gas properties with a focus in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast.


Our client was a small 50 person E&P company, and in order to help grow the organization, they acquired a small but successful subsidiary of another local E&P company.

In addition to a number of rigs, they also acquired some employees and a lot of information from this subsidiary. The acquired company was already using SharePoint to organize this information, but our client did not currently have an enterprise content management solution.

The key concern was successfully migrating the SharePoint site collection. In addition, because some but not all of the employees moved with the acquisition, particular attention needed to be paid to the permissions that were tied to specific users in SharePoint.


Entrance was hired to implement a fresh SharePoint installation for our client. We wrote numerous scripts to set up and update the alerts, permissions, and groups for existing and new users. We then updated and tested the workflows from the originating SharePoint site.

Entrance also exposed the solution to the extranet because employees from the acquiring company needed to work on offshore vessels from behind the firewall of the acquired company. Because it is almost impossible to establish VPN at sea, we helped them create a plan that would make the SharePoint portal available without the need to VPN at all.

After these initial tasks were completed, we set the entire farm to read only and completed the actual migration in less than 24 hours.

The client was happy that Entrance quickly completed this SharePoint migration so they could get down to business with their newly acquired assets. They also appreciate the many benefits of SharePoint in terms of document management and collaboration that they previously did not have before.

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