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Software Rescue for Midstream Services

Getting their application under control put one client back in the black and brought a web portal to their customers.

Expert software rescue services


Our client specializes in pipe unloading, handling and installation for the oil and gas industry. Because they are the stewards of all joints from mill to right-of-way, they received constant calls asking for status updates and information. As the company grew, this system was no longer scalable.


Our client hired an outside vendor to create a pipe logistics system that would track inventory and assist with field and internal administrative processes, also exposing a web portal for their customers, while following inventory at the individual joint level.

Over time, they became frustrated with their vendor’s lack of project management oversight, unforeseen delays in schedule and additional costs. $500,000 in, they lacked an operational product, and there was concern it would never be completed.


The client decided to bring a new vendor to start fresh with the issues they were having. Entrance reviewed the existing source code for the project and determined where there were gaps in the project plan. Over a period of months, our consultants incorporated state-of-the-art RFID and barcode/scanner tracking technology into a custom application that is user friendly for both our client and their customers.

The application also enables offline field data capture, inventory tracking, employee clock-in/out, bulk inventory import and integration with a third-party document management solution.

Best of all, it will provide our client’s decision makers with to-the-minute information about the status of their inventory. This visibility helps decrease the need for extra inventory, in addition to reducing the amount of lost or damaged pipe. Customers also love that there is a complete history for all of their inventory, which provides traceability for inventory damage as well as aides in regulatory compliance in case of accidents.

In terms of ROI, the features and visibility of this application were the reason that a new customer signed on with our client. The revenue from this account alone has already covered the complete software investment.

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