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HR Onboarding for Oilfield Services

Don’t underestimate the complexity behind choosing new software. Let a trusted consultant lead you through the process!


Our client is a large pipeline construction company with customers across the United States.


In the oil and gas construction industry, companies have a high rate of employee turn-over. In addition, changing healthcare laws require all companies to be able to track the length of employment. Our client’s existing system could not track multiple hire dates.

This was a problem, as most employees are seasonal or temporary. The client decided it was time to upgrade to an off-the-shelf product, as they did not want the expense of a custom software investment.


Entrance was hired to perform an evaluation of the client’s options on the market. While they might have been able to do this in-house, Entrance was engaged as a neutral third party to evaluate their needs. We leveraged our experience in the client’s industry combined with our software expertise to determine which product was the best fit. We started by gathering their requirements for an HR on-boarding system, which included tracking multiple dates of hire, in addition to streamlining the overall on-boarding process.

Our team of software consultants looked at a number of options to determine the best fit, and we eventually came upon a solution that would upgrade not only their HR capabilities, but also their ERP system. While this was not the initial goal, the need for better technology in the HR department drove a company-wide improvement for the better.

Hiring Entrance consultants to perform this analysis not only saved our client time, it also prevented possible solution mismatches that can come from not understanding the need or technology behind potential solutions.

In addition, many companies don’t realize the level of detail required or the complexity involved in choosing a new piece of software, let alone whether the available features will work for their particular situation. We were also forward-looking to determine how the new ERP system would integrate with the client’s other systems and business processes.

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