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Our customer is one of the world’s leading logistics companies. They provide supply chain solutions, and specialize in global integrated solutions. Currently they are ramping up relationships with their top customers, and want to provide even more insight into business processes.


For years our client has been using a disparate collection of Excel spreadsheets and/or PowerPoint presentations to communicate with senior management about the status of top accounts. Detailed insights into changes at companies that make up over 50% of the yearly revenue were a high priority, but were maintained separately by each account manager.  This decentralization led to a lack of situational awareness for senior management, and caused time frustrations on both sides of the conversation. Account managers were spending inordinate amounts of time preparing presentations, and even with all of that effort, senior management was being bombarded with reports that not only looked completely different, but contained completely different information per account.


Entrance created a customized implementation of SharePoint 2010 that provides a real-time dashboard and a set of standardized yet custom reports. These tools empower both account managers and senior management by keeping their finger on the pulse of key accounts. By automatically accessing both external and internal databases, SharePoint 2010 provides on-demand account health information. Not only does this provide insight on the fly, it also leaves everyone with more time and motivation to translate the information now at hand into well-informed and profitable decisions.

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