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Midstream Services Data Analysis Results in $5 million Profit

Electronic Field Ticketing Results in Net Gain

Over the past six years, Entrance has worked for a large midstream services company to develop a field ticket management  system. Previous to the system, the client billed their customers based on hand written tickets that noted  who had worked on a job, for how long and with what materials. Field tickets are now an automated, digital process, ensuring better accuracy and circumventing lost or misplaced paper tickets.

During this period, a large amount of data has been stored, and based on analysis of this data, the client realized that just by adjusting hourly rates by $1, they could raise profits by $5 million dollars. This example of a small adjustment making a big difference to the bottom line really demonstrates how important  having visibility into the inner workings of a business is. And this bottom line improvement doesn’t even cover the efficiency and scalability improvements from our field to office automation and tracking.

Read our case study of how we developed field to office management for our client…

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