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What is a ScrumMaster?

A ScrumMaster serves as a facilitator within a software development team, managing the information exchange process. In agile software development, team members have a daily standup, during which they review progress and prioritize and claim tasks to achieve goals that are top-of-mind for each ‘sprint’ or section of development with defined deliverables. The scrum master asks the team the following standard questions:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. Are there any impediments in your way?

ScrumMasters are not the project leader and are not accountable for outcomes. Deliverables are the responsibility of the entire team. What ScrumMasters are accountable for includes:

  1. Helping reach consensus around feasibility
  2. Helping reach consensus during the daily standup
  3. Helping stay focused and follow agreed-upon rules for the daily standup
  4. Removing obstacles that are impeding the team’s progress
  5. Protecting the team from outside distractions

Entrance employees a total of 9 certified ScrumMasters! Hear why they like the Scrum Methodology.



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